Deep Purple – Who Are They and How Many Albums Have They Sold?

Founded in 1968, Deep Purple is one of the world’s best-selling rock bands of all time. They have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. They have been called the “unholy trinity of British heavy metal”. They are considered to be one of the pioneers of modern hard rock.

Deep Purple started out as a psychedelic progressive rock band. They released their first album, Shades Of Deep Purple, in 1968. They went on to sell 15 million albums by 1974. They were the fifth highest-selling band in the world according to Planet Rock.

Deep Purple had a line-up change in 1973. Ian Gillan left for the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar. The band reformed with Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, and Don Airey. Gillan had been working with the Javelins and Black Sabbath. He was also known for his work with Kiss. The new line-up was building a strong reputation in Europe. They toured in 1973.

Deep Purple released a number of live albums. They also recorded at Montreux Casino. Their concert at the Rainbow Theatre in 1972 was so loud that three fans fell unconscious.

Deep Purple also recorded the Concerto for Group and Orchestra, which featured the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It reached the U.K. chart at Number 26.

Deep Purple’s third album, Wring That Neck, was released in Europe. It also featured Evans on vocals. They released the single “Smoke on the Water” in the U.S. and the song was a huge hit.

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