How Many Albums Did Yes Sell?

YES, a British art rock group, released a series of excellent albums in the mid-1970s. The group was known for its complex musical textures and formidable virtuosity. However, after the mid-’70s the group’s commercial success declined. In addition, the band’s name became a legal thorn in its side.

Yes released their debut album in 1969 for Atlantic Records. It was a classically-influenced album with a full orchestra. The group’s signature sound was largely the work of Rick Wakeman, who used a Mellotron and organ in addition to two or more pianos. Steve Howe played guitar synthesizers and pedal steel guitar. The group also featured Tony Kaye on keyboards.

Yes reached the top of the UK rock chart with their album “The Quest”. They also performed half of their 1973 album “Tales From Topographic Oceans” during their 50th Anniversary tour. The album split the band’s fans.

After Rick Wakeman left the group in 1973, Yes faced a significant lineup change. The group’s other members, Anderson and Bill Squire, decided to leave. They were replaced by Trevor Horn and Trevor Downes. This changed the group’s identity from a classic British progressive rock band to a pop band.

Yes’s “Yes Album” was a critical and commercial success. It was largely built on compositions that resembled sound paintings. The album featured Jon Anderson’s falsetto lead vocals, as well as Steve Howe’s fluid and stinging guitar passages. The album was also a platinum record for Yes.

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