The Greatest Albums of All Time

Whether or not a particular album is considered to be the best of all time is a subject of much debate. The answer depends on many factors, including how influential the album was on the history of rock, how much influence the album had on other artists, and whether or not the album influenced other albums. Some people vote based on promoting music that they like, while others vote based on a different set of criteria. Some people vote to establish a new standard for what makes a great album.

Whether you like rock, funk, or pop, the best albums are the ones that are influential on the genres. They often change the course of popular music, opening new boundaries.

The Dark Side Of The Moon was the most ambitious album of all time. It sold seven hundred and forty-one weeks on the Billboard chart, and it is one of the most influential albums of all time. It also features one of the greatest album covers of all time.

The Velvet Underground & Nico is a band that influenced a wide range of other bands, from punk to glam. The band’s sound is very unique. They’ve had a wide range of influences, from Pink Floyd to Eric Clapton, and their style is a blend of rock and psychedelia. They were also very prolific, having released eight albums, and selling over six million records.

Whitesnake was a 1980s power rock band. The band featured Adrian Vandenberg’s virtuoso guitar skills, and David Coverdale’s powerful vocals. The band’s songs were enormous hits, and they toured with Led Zeppelin and Metallica. The group split up after the release of their follow-up album.

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