Top 10 Rock Songs of All Time

Whether you’re a diehard rocker or a casual listener, it’s hard to deny that there are some great songs. After all, rock songs have a reputation for being a lot of fun. And they have also had substantial sales success over the past 70 years. However, it’s a fact that these days, sales of tremendously popular songs are going down. This isn’t to say that rock is no longer a craze. It’s just that there’s a lot less of it.

The “Back in Black” riff, which is used in the song’s title, is one of the greatest riffs in rock history. It originated as a guitar warm-up exercise, which spawned the idea of using it in a song. And it’s one of the best drum intros, as well.

One of the greatest rock ballads of all time, “Back in Black” features three and a half minutes of raw, soaring rock power. The guitar solo is also one of the most memorable in rock history. And the drums’ first kick is one of the most thrilling moments in history.

“Live Forever” is an anthem to the 90s, and an ode to the pursuit of a better life. The opening guitar riff and Billie Armstrong’s fast-paced singing blend together to create a song that’s both catchy and musically complex. Its lyrics, which describe a doomed girl trying to make it in the big world, are one of the most memorable in rock history.

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