Yes Album – Owner of a Lonely Heart

‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ is the name of the first track on Yes’ 11th studio album 90125. It is also one of the most successful songs ever recorded by the group. It was the group’s only Number One hit. It also became the first Yes song to reach the Billboard Hot 100. It also topped the dance chart.

The song is an ode to loneliness. It expresses the idea that you can live a happy life despite being alone. On paper it sounds like an absurd statement. But “Owner of a Lonely heart” is a great song.

There are several reasons why this song is so popular. The song demonstrates the group’s virtuosity. It also has a very cinematic quality to it. It was also conceptual. The music video tapped into a new generation of music fans.

The song also has a cool riff. The main riff can be played with two fingers. It is a sus D shape, an elementary picking pattern.

The song also has a horn sample that elevates the song. The sample is played by Alan White on a Fairlight CMI. This is the first time the horn has been used in a Yes recording. The horn is sampled from the James Brown horn section.

The song also contains a breakbeat. This is another example of the band’s innovative electronic processing techniques. The breakbeat is sampled from the song “Kool Is Back” from 1971.

“Owner of a Lonely HEar” has been sampled by Michael Jackson. The song has also been sampled by Frank Zappa.

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