Top 5 Albums of All Time

Whether you’re looking to hear the most influential albums of all time or simply want to listen to some of the best music ever recorded, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Whether you’re listening to one album or twenty, the best ones have impacted listeners around the world.

The Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the most ambitious albums of all time. It was released seven years after the release of Pink Floyd’s previous album, The Wall, and it spent more than seven hundred weeks in the Billboard charts. Its cover, designed by Storm Thorgerson, was one of the most influential album covers of all time.

Bat Out Of Hell is a rock classic. The album was rejected by several major labels before eventually becoming a megahit. It took years for the band to record, and it eventually sold over 43 million copies.

The Darkness is a group that consists of virtuoso guitar playing, swaggering tunes, and catchy melodies. The band features a diverse group of musicians, including Steve Jordan (drummer), Ben Harper (guitar), Charlie Hunter (guitar), and Roy Hargrove (jazz trumpeter).

The Wall is an extensive album that explores the theme of absence. It’s sonically rich, but never forgets the lyrics. The album’s four-note riff has become a riff taught to millions of guitarists. The lyrics are based on the life of Syd Barrett, who died in 1975.

Born To Run is a masterclass in songwriting. The album takes 14 months to record, and it’s filled with swaggering tunes and coming-of-age lyrics. The band’s fusion of rock, pop, jazz, and electronica sounds like nothing before it.

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